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yaLOG! run on Windows 8.1, 10 and 11. Microsoft ended its support to Windows 7 in 2020, so it could not be able to run yaLOG!. (Here you could find some tips).

News in the version 2023.1.0.5793 (April 10, 2023)

»  Introduced a global shared directory wich include thousands of callsigns and operator names.
»  Personal logs allow now to share your desired QSL info, to be included on the global directory in order to facilitate the QSL exchange. The directory will be updated and released monthly.
»  Added a new module to import logs exported from the major clusters.
»  Added the distance recalculation when you switch between Short and Long path.
»  Added some charts to the log summary.

»  The formerly called EMAIL field has been extended and made multiline in order to contain more data, such as QSL information to be included to the global shared directory.
»  Improved the import from Adif extending the number of admitted fields.

»  Fixed a bug with date conversion when import logs exported from clusterdx.nl.
»  Fixed a bug that did not allow the sending of spots to the cluster, caused by the different selectable languages.
»  Fixed the DXCC table editor wich was showind the columns in a wrong sequence.

yaLOG! has been downloaded 41699 times from 130 different countries, in all versions that have followed since 2014. Please fill the requested fields, just for statistic purposes. If you encounter some difficoult to download, please clean your browser cache or try with a different one.

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yaLOG! is since ever available for free for the 11 meters community.
If you find it useful for your hobby please consider to support it with a small donation.

Previous versions

2022.1.5.4 (December 31, 2022)

» yaLOG is now localized in English (default),   French,   Spanish,    Italian and    German. Selection is possible from the global preferences panel. A special thanks goes to 30AT105 for spanish, 14CEM042 for french, and 35WR035 Frank for german translation.
» QSL images are now displayed inside of yaLOG, and enlarged outside.
» Fixed a small bug that doesn't allow to insert new QSO's when opening an empty log previously created.
» Fixed a bug that in some case does'nt respect the language selected.

2022.1.4.41 (November 18, 2022)

» Completely reviewed the dupe QSO check logic. Fixed the bug that in some condition was showing ripetitive and unuseful popup alarms.
» Removed the the mysterious symbols that appeared in the spot remarks sent.

2022.1.4.35 (November 13, 2022)

» Added multilingual support (looking for German and Spanish home language translators).
» Added an Email field in QSO personal data.
» Added a new QSO panel wich allow to set links to several pictures, as scanned QSL cards.
» Intermittent bug with QSO indexing when insert a dupe contact.
» Optimized the main windows aspect mantainment at next app opening.
» CSV export now is working as well.
» Semplified the sequence management of dupe QSO.
» The TAB index order of the fields while add o modifi a QSO

2022.1.3.3 (October 4, 2022)

» Changed the behaviour of the awards combo boxes. Now they allow to unselect a previously selected value and leave the item empty.
» Changed the suggestion to users who has just installed the app. Now they can create or load a log immediately.
» Fixed a bug that fail to determinate the prefix if the entered call sign contain only the letter 'E' as not-numeric letter.
» Fixed a bug that truncate the entered callsign if it starts with a not-numeric letter.
» Admitted the symbol #, in order to fit some U.S.A. call sign.

2022.1.2.28 (September 23, 2022)

» Fixed a small bug that in some system does'nt perform a correct installation, failing the first run of the app.
» Fixed a bug that don't allow the QSO's modification if the filter is active.
» Fixed a bug that when opening yaLOG did not remember how the main window was sized at the previous program closure.
» Fixed a bug that occoured when the cluster is active and the program works in real-time mode, disabling the save button.
» Full Xojo API 2.0 compliance.
» Improved QSL summary with more details.
» Enhanced the redraw of main contacts table when change fonts or window size.
» Fixed IWI calculation in summary.
» Added orizontal scrollbar to contacts and cluster table.
» Changed the QRZ11 lookup method.
» A lot of minor fix and improvements.

2022.1.1.2 (September 11, 2022)

» Introduced a rudimental way to enlarge fonts in the main window for the OM who, like myself, are starting to have some problem viewing very small characters :). Better than nothing, but needs to be improved.
» Fixed the program crash when load an old contact assigned to a wrong DXCC or IOTA reference.
» Improved the program behaviour when installed and running without an internet connection.
» Added the right 178 div. flag.
» Small invisible improvements to make yaLOG more stable.

2022.1.0.1920 (September 4, 2022)

» Version numbering changed. Now the major release reflect the year, followed by minor, bug, and build progressive numbers.
» Improved DXCC, IOTA and QSL statistics. Now much more faster and extended.
» Extended IOTA database. Now you can register not only the group reference, but also each single island (more than 12.000) wich is part of it.
» Fully reviewed Quick/Advanced filters.
» Improved cluster performances. The data received from clusters are now processed directly in RAM, without any cache on HDD.
» A lot of invisible improvements, wich make yaLOG more stable and faster.

Due to the new setting model this version require to define your preferences again. Please spend a few second in order to set them, cluster access included. Special thanks goes to:
» 26AT169 Bill for the great help whith beta testing.
» Max (ex 1AT107), for the IOTA database supervision and test.

Windows XP, Vista and 7.

yaLOG! 1.4.1

This is the only version that could run on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Dx cluster and many other current features aren't available and any support is impossible.

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