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... yet another LOG!


yet another LOG! ...but for the 11 meters!

yaLOG! is a free radio logging software, written with the 11 meters in mind.
Easy to install, easy to use. yaLOG! will register your contacts quickly and safely:

  • Large general purposes logbook;
  • Unlimited numbers of logs, with virtually unlimited number of entries each one;
  • Powerful filters allow you to easily manage large logbooks;
  • Bearing and Distance calculation;
  • Contacts are stored with SQLite, one of the the most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world;
  • Complete DXCC and IOTA embedded list and statistics;
  • Contest/Awards management;
  • The Cluster agent allow you to monitor your preferred online dx cluster and send your spot;
  • callsign lookup with label printing;
  • Automatic updates detection (internet connection is required);
  • Print your log and summary in a click;
  • GMT or local time working mode;
  • Real or Deferred time input mode;
  • Custom display order and feel;
  • Optional detection of group call signs;
  • Optional progressive number exchange;
  • Default or manual values for frequency and emission mode;
  • Contacts may be exported in HTML, CSV, Txt, Cabrillo and Adif formats in a click;
  • Easy merge of multiple yaLOG! logs;
  • ...and much much more!

SmartLogger is a minimal, intuitive and easy to use logging software dedicated to the 11 meters band.
It is designed and built for all those situations where you need a light and fast tool to register your contacts, such as Dx-peditions, S.E.S., contests, mobile operations, and so on. Without anything else that can burden or complicate your job.
The Dx clubs and 11 meters organizations will appreciate it becouse is able to export its logs to the most common file formats, in order to aquire and elaborate thems with the own procedures.

SmartLogger is multilingual!